Hi! We're the Neel Fam. 

We aren't your traditional family. Quite the opposite of traditional, actually. We like to tell our kids that the universe wasted no time brining us together. Mom and Dad met at just 19 years old, fell in love hard and fast. By 20, we were parents to our first daughter, Taya, born in 2007. We were married 06/07/2008 in Las Vegas with a small group of family and friends and of course, our adorable 1 year old daughter. We knew we wanted to grow our family and in 2010, we welcomed our second daughter, Tessa into the world. 

Mom left her corporate job to peruse her passion as a professional hula hooper. She co-owns Mad About Hoops, a hula hoop after school and summer camp program. Dad works for United Airlines, allowing the family to have plenty of adventures, and of course mom always has to bring a few hoops along and dad has to bring his guitar. 

We love dogs and we love Disney. We 're into cooking, crafting and cosplay. We love having fun and adventuring through life together.


We're navigating this new 2020 world of covid, quarantine, politics and homeschool together. 

We've created this space to share our tips with you along the way. 

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