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Percy Jackson and the lightning thief: Movie review

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, is a Fox (now Disney) movie based on the novels of the same name by Rick Riordan. The movie follows a 12 year old boy called Percy, who finds out he is a demigod. He goes to a summer camp just for half bloods, still in shock from finding out the Greek gods are real. Percy and his friends Grover, and Annabeth set out on a quest to save Olympus, clear his name, and hopefully rescue his mother.

I was very excited to watch this movie when i found out it was on Disney plus because i had just finished the book was overall a let down. We can agree the book is always better than the movie, but this one was substantially worse. The casting was not my favorite, most of the actors really did not remind me of their characters. Brandon T. Jackson (Grover) and Jake Abel (Luke) were not bad. Those two felt like they were the characters they were portraying. The goat legs and horns may have helped Brandon a little bit. Now these characters they were portraying, are they the right ones? The writing of Grover's character in particular was very wrong. Grover is supposed to be Timid and sensitive. Grover did not cry once the whole movie. This Grover was much more focused on girls, than say finding the god of the wild Pan. Annabeth was a lot more strong and did not even once convey her love of architecture. The characters were a lot more flat, and did not have as many personality traits or special little quirks as they had in the books. Costumes, don't even get me started on costumes. I did not see a single camp halfblood shirt at camp half blood. How hard is it to get a bunch of orange shirts with the words ‘camp half blood’ printed on, heck even just orange shirts would do. The gods' outfits made me want to throw something at my T.V. What is this Greek battle armor? Costumes convey personality, and that did nothing of the sorts. We will circle in and focus on Poseidon. Poseidon is a complex character, as with all the gods. He is a father that loves his son, but can not see him or directly do anything for him. Poseidon is the god of the sea, and has his own kingdom. He is kind, and really level headed considering he is a god. His costume needs to give us more personality, I think we can understand he is a god when he is 20 feet tall. There is a lot more to Poseidon than being a Greek god, and it's by far not the most important part of his character. In the book he wears a Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, and Birkenstocks. This tells the audience he is chill, and like i said before level headed. This costume would be so much better than the greek battle armor, which made me feel like he was emotionless and cold. Another thing that makes me think is why does Dionysus have regular ‘mortal’ clothes when he is at camp half blood. If you are going to give the gods Greek armor stick with it.

My initial reaction, like I said before was excitement. I heard bad things about the movie, so i was weary but was still extremely disappointed. I can't recommend the book enough, it was so good. On the other hand I can't recommend you don't watch the movie after enough times. There is nothing special about the movie, and it is not very good. You won't hate it as much if you have not read the books, but if you have you will you will not like it. The movie was made for book fans, and new fans. I'm guessing the producers wanted a big hit like how the harry potter movies had become. The movies probably had a low budget, and had half of the team that had never even read the books. They wanted movies everyone would love, but instead they got something that was disowned by the PJO fandom.

I am glad Disney is finally remaking the movies as a tv show. I hope they will keep true to the books, and not miss small but important details. i cant wait for this show, as in my eyes Disney plus makes a lot of quality shows.

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