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The 100: Book VS. Show

I started watching The 100 on the CW midway trough the pandemic, having watched all other shows on my list. I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the show. Being the bookworm I am I immediately noticed that it was based off of a book. Of course as soon as I could get my hands on the books I read them all. It is clear the show was only loosely based on the books. I still don't know witch one I like more, having already fallen in love with the show I don't hate it, like I would have if I had read the books first. here is a (long) list of differences between the two. and yes there will be spoilers for both the show and the book.

All of the characters personality's and traits were switched up and given to new characters for what reason I don't know. Bellamy was the character that stayed the closest to his book counterpart. Bellamy is still impulsive and hot headed, but never tried to claim himself as the leader. He also never meant to shoot chancellor Jaha, it was purely accidental. in the book he was threatening to shoot Jaha if he did not let him on the dropship, and someone else shot him. the largest difference with Bellamy, is he survives until the end of the series living happily ever after with his new family.

Clarke was different, not as much as other characters but still very different. In the book her parents were both floated for testing radiation on orphaned children. when Clarke found out she told her parents, and they explained the vice canceler threatened to kill the whole family if they did not comply. the chancellor eventually was told by his son, also Clarkes boyfriend at the time who was only trying to help. he obviously did not, and Clarke was sent to prison for not contacting the authority's. fast forward she finds out her parents were actually on earth from the original mission no one knew about. Clarke was training to be a doctor before she went to prison and was a lot of help at the camp of delinquents. She never kills anyone, but she did help Bellamy set up grenades to rescue their friends from 'the protectors' (we will get to that later) the most prominent difference i can think of is her relationship with Bellamy. They get there happy ending with a cabin and a ring. it is pretty funny to me that even though in the show Bellamy and Clarke never date, the actors are currently married.

wells is simple he was not dead. it the show he was killed early on, for no apparent reason. book wells has an earthborn (grounder) girlfriend like Octavia did in the show. Sadly both of their significant others shared the same fate, of being shot. while wells never get another girlfriend in the book, he lives a nice life in the earthborn village. Octavia is not the only one with a brother, turns out so does Wells. Jaha had another son before wells that no one knew about until they reached earth. Bellamy is his half brother, on their dads side.

Octavia, is simply just Octavia. Blood reyna is unique to the CW show. Not as big as a character in the book as she was in the tv show taking the place of other characters they left out. Octavia was not supposed to be alive, so she hid in the CLOSET (not under the floor) as a baby. after her and Bellamy's mom kills herself they both go into orphan care. Octavia is given drugs to help her sleep as an older child, and becomes addicted. she is soon imprisoned for stealing the drugs. i think this aspect of her character was given to Clarke's mom on the show. on earth she takes it upon herself to care for and look after the young, orphaned children. when she is captured by the protectors (once again I will get to that later) she meets anna, and they soon start dating. Octavia only ever dates anna, instead of her long list of dead boyfriends in the show. There is a red ribbon Octavia always keeps with her in the book, that she does not have in the show.

Glass and Luke were taken out of the show altogether. as well as Clarke and Bellamy, these two also get engaged. Glass was jailed for getting pregnant before having the governments approval. Glass than cuts off Luke all together, to save him from being killed. these two eventually make it down to earth with a handful of the rest of the ark. with a lot of their friends they live out a peaceful life in the earthborn village. I think glass was replaced with Raven Reyes. She was not in the original 100, but escaped before the dropship was sent down. like raven, she did a spacewalk. this spacewalk was to rescue all of the Waldenite and Arcadians on the ship witch included Luke.

a lot of other characters from the show including Finn, murphy, jasper, raven, Madi, Mony, Kane, Diyoza, A.L.I.E, harper, miller, wick, hope , Jackson, Gabriel, Shaw, McCreery, Becca, Charlotte, all primes, mountain men, and all of the grounders (from the show) simply were not a part of the books. I'm not even sure if that's all there were so many that were new for the show I cant remember.

As promised I'm getting to it; who or what are 'The Protectors'. this cult like group is what most likely inspired the mountain men, primes, and most of all the second dawn. like the second dawn they wore white robes. they called themselves the protectors because they protected earth. they rampaged villages that did not have permission from earth to settle there. They ransacked many villages unknown to anyone else but the ones living there. they do these things "if earth wills it". if earth wills it is the protectors saying like halo be her name, or for all man kind. Bellamy, Clarke, Luke, and a few others do eventually rescue their friends and kill their leader with grenades and a crumbling building.

the CW added some inappropriate scenes that were never there in the book, and not needed.

overall both are great options. weather you love reading, or watching tv , or both these are some good options for you. I totally recommend.

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